Abisko / Aurora Sky Station

The Aurora Sky Station is located in a National Park in the north of sweden. The remote village is called Abisko. It`s not easy to get there. You can either fly to Kiruna or Narvik and take a bus / train or transfer from there. But the long trip will be worth it. You will find perfect conditions for northern lights photography with no disturbing light pollution. A chairlift will take you up to the top of the mountain (900m above sea-level) in about 25 minutes. Just this ride is a fantastic and unique experience! The Aurora-Sky-Station is a really comfortable place to wait for the northern lights. In most other places you`d have to wait ouside in the cold or check the sky every 15 minutes. At the Aurora-Sky-Staion you can just sit around a fireplace, talk to other Aurora-Hunters and you can have some food and drinks as well. A special screen, connected to a long-exposure-camera outside will constantly keep you informed about the northern lights situation outside.

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